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Contour Fencing can supply and install not only agricultural and equestrian fencing but also appropriate access and gate solutions to match your fencing requirements. We offer a diverse range of robust and sturdy agricultural gates to ensure maximum security for rural driveways and field entrances. Including single and double wooden or galvanised metal gates for arable fields, paddocks and equestrian areas. Kissing gates and stiles for public footpaths, as well as bridal gates ensuring easy bridleway access for horse and rider. Not only is the choice of gate important. By selecting the right gate post you will also ensure the duration of your gate.

When it comes to protecting land and crops from wildlife it is important to appreciate an animal’s desire and determination to penetrate fencing and gates to reach crops, tree plantations and woodland. When installing deer fencing, it is essential to ensure gates or other means of access are also deer-proof, including the use of appropriate gate latches. When erecting new rabbit fencing or fitting it to existing fencing, we can install gates that are both rabbit proof and user-friendly.

Wooden field gates with a reinforced top and bottom rail for added strength can be a practical and robust solution for field and track entrances, while also making excellent equestrian or bridle gates. For all wooden gates, we use metal gate fittings that are galvanised for resistance against rust and corrosion. Metal field gates are also ideal as a sturdy entrance divide for equestrian paddocks or fields.

Horse gates come in a range of metal and timber options and we can help select and install gates for you that work for all sorts of field shapes. Establishing what uses you will put the gate to determines what gate width is required. For the safety of both horses and people, horse gates need to be solid, practical, hard-wearing, efficient and easy to use. Gates should always open into the field so that a horse cannot push its way out.

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