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Post & Rail Fencing

At Contour Fencing we are often asked to provide post and rail fencing for our equestrian customers. Traditional post and rail fencing is a popular choice for those looking to create barriers between agricultural land containing livestock, horses and farmland. We work with owners of individual and multiple horses, from large farms and stud farms to riding schools and specialist equestrian centres.

Post and rail is used in many agricultural and equestrian situations because it is a safe, secure and smart looking option which enhances the look of a stable area and paddocks. When installed correctly using high-quality materials, wooden fencing is resilient, hardwearing, and blends in well with the environment. We will work with you to find the right post and rail solution that will not only look great but will provide protection for your horses and security for your horse field for years to come.

We offer various types and design of timber post and rail fencing, including sawn post and rail, machine round post and rail, and morticed post and rail. We use class 4 redwood, chestnut or creosoted pressure treated posts. Posts are mechanically driven into the ground. We do not use concrete as this affects the life of the fence post. Fencing is available in different heights, widths and length and can be customised with horse netting to fit any shape or size of field or paddock.

Traditionally creosote is the treatment of choice for post and rail fencing because it deters the tendency horses may have of chewing on the fence. While a single strand of electric wire can solve the problem of horses subjecting fencing to considerable wear through simply pushing and rubbing against it. If you are looking for an alternative to timber rails, we are also an approved fencing contractor for Horserail® and Hotcote® electric wire.

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