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Horse Netting

Horse Netting

At Contour Fencing we are regularly asked to install horse netting or wire horse fencing as it is also known. Horse netting is a high tensile, horse-friendly steel mesh designed to reduce the risk of injury to horses. This popular type of equine fencing is often used as a low maintenance, low-cost alternative to traditional post and rail. With the correct equipment horse netting can be erected quickly, making it a very efficient choice.

Installation of equine netting for horses is carried out in the same way as stock fencing and when erected professionally it can outlast many fence options. The structure of the fence means it can withstand the pressure or impact caused by horses without compromising its strengths. The vertical wires are closely placed together to prevent horses’ hooves becoming caught and there are no sharp edges to hurt any horse or pony. It is available in several different heights and mesh variations for use with horses, ponies and donkeys of all sizes, including foals. Horse netting can be attached to a range of timber posts, including sawn posts, machine round posts and morticed posts made of either class 4 redwood, chestnut or creosoted pressure treated timber.

For extra safety, a single timber rail can be added above the wire netting to make sure it can be easily seen by horses. While adding a strand of electric wire to the timber rail can prevent horses chewing and rubbing the timber rail and can help to lengthen the overall life of the fence.

Alternatively, Horserail® can be used in the place of a timber rail. Horserail contains a conductive carbon plastic compound that means it can also be fully electrified. Horse netting can be used for more than horses, ponies and donkeys. It has the added advantage of providing a stock fence suitable for most animals, keeping livestock in and any other unwanted visitors such as wildlife, people and dogs out of paddocks and enclosures.

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