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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

Contour Fencing can offer both temporary and permanent electrical fencing specifically for equestrian use. Electric fencing provides an efficient physical and psychological barrier for containing horses, ponies and donkeys. The high voltage delivered at a controlled current is enough to startle them but is still quite safe.

Electric fencing offers an effective solution for both temporary and permanent use. It is ideal for dividing paddocks, designating grazing areas, keeping horses away from danger and each other. It is easy to install and dismantle, allowing it to be moved and reused wherever it is needed. Electric fencing can be powered by battery, solar power or mains electric. Where possible, we recommend using a mains supply as this provides a continuous and reliable source of power. This power is then connected to a visible tape with wire woven into it, which conducts the electricity but is insulated from the ground.

Safety and suitability always determine the choice of fencing for horses. Fencing must be high enough to discourage jumping and prevent horses from fighting with their neighbours. If this is a persistent problem, a double guard fence of electric wire along the top may be the solution. This may also be necessary if a stallion is in the vicinity of breeding mares. Fencing must be installed close enough to the ground to prevent foals and small ponies or donkeys from rolling or scrambling under.

Electric fences should be designed, installed and maintained so that contact with them does not cause more than momentary discomfort to a horse or pony. It should be clearly visible to horses to prevent injury, with extra supervision provided until they become accustomed to it. Woven electric tape can be seen more easily by horses compared to the plain electric wire generally used for strip-grazing cattle. Where you have existing post and rail fences, we can also install electric wire to discourage horses and ponies from rubbing and chewing on the fence.

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