Equestrian Fencing Solutions

Equestrian fencing needs to be multi-functional; it must be highly secure, containing the horses or ponies whilst preventing any injury to the animal. Contour Fencing has had vast experience in constructing fences in the equestrian industry. We are able to offer a wide variety of fencing to suit your specific needs.

We will deliver a bespoke solution which will guarantee the safety of horses whilst being fit for purpose. In each instance we work closely with the client to ensure such standards.

We can create a fence using a combination of horserail with horse netting or post and rail with horse netting to suit your needs.

In order to achieve this we use high quality materials which offer value for money. This combined with our expertises, use of the correct machinery and equipment ensures a quality fence which is aesthetically pleasing and effective.

Our specialist equestrian fencing services include;


Post & Rail


Electric Tape

Horse Netting