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Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing

Contour Fencing has been constructing agricultural stock and farm fencing for more than a decade. This fencing is core to our business and with our years of experience and specialist machinery, no job is too difficult. We understand the importance of field boundaries and paddocks being secure, for the protection of livestock and surrounding areas. Stock fencing is ideal when you want versatility without compromising on quality. Using high tensile plain or barbed wire and a variety of different types of netting, we can install fencing to your specifications and requirements.

We appreciate that good fencing can be a significant investment for farmers and landowners. Stock fencing needs to form an effective barrier for the longest possible time for a variety of different stock. We design your fencing according to terrain, location and the types of animals in mind, whether sheep, pigs, cattle, deer or goats, creating flexible fencing that is perfect to requirements. By controlling grazing, our fencing offers you optimal efficiency and a good return on your investment.

We can work safely and efficiently on any terrain with minimal disruption to livestock. We ensure that whatever the ground conditions, posts will be driven to the right depth every time. Strong high tensile wire combined with pressure treated creosote posts are the most effective way to ensure stock is contained and protected. High tensile netted wire strains tighter than mild steel wire and when erected professionally does not need regular tightening.

Stock fencing needs to be safe for livestock so they do not get caught up in the fencing itself. Wire netting comes in a range of different mesh sizes and should be used appropriately. For sheep and lambs, the netting mesh should be large enough not to trap their heads. While for horses the holes should be small enough to prevent their legs getting caught up and trapped in the netting.

When you are looking to exclude wildlife, such as rabbits, deer, badgers and other predators then a combination of stock netting, plain wire, barbed wire, wire netting and electric fencing can be good options. We offer plain wire, netting and barbed high tensile wire options to suit the needs of our clients. Barbed wire can be added to existing fencing or installed with new agricultural post and wire fencing. Plain or barbed wire can be used to top stock or deer-proof fencing, adding extra height and security.

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