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Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit Fencing

At Contour Fencing we have many years of experience constructing effective rabbit fencing. We are very aware of a rabbit’s ability and determination to chew through, climb over or burrow under fencing, and very conscious of how important it is to make a fence rabbit proof. We work with a broad range of agricultural businesses to provide protection from rabbits. From farms and country estates to orchards and vineyards, including forests and plantations, and even conservation areas. Rabbit proof fencing when erected to the right specifications can prove to be very successful in the prevention of rabbit damage and provides long-term results.

Rabbit fencing is a way of protecting agricultural crops and horticulture. Invasive rabbits can cause severe damage to agricultural areas by overgrazing, which affects both the growth and yield of key crops, especially grasslands and cereals. Rabbits tend to come out and feed between dusk and dawn. They eat flowers and vegetables in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, they damage and kill valuable woody plants. Damage can be identified by the characteristic appearance of gnawing on older woody growth and the angled clipping of young stems.

Rabbit fencing is often erected around new tree planting and conservation projects and around existing woodland to prevent rabbits eating crops and damaging grassland. While fencing specifications may vary depending on the terrain and where they are located, our rabbit-proof fencing is always constructed using the heaviest gauge, galvanised, high tensile steel rabbit netting. This heavy-duty netting is buried to prevent rabbits burrowing under fencing and is erected high enough so rabbits cannot jump over it. This provides protection from rabbits of all ages.

We offer a wide variety of different types and styles of fencing and gates to meet the varied needs of our clients. Fencing and gates can be made to serve multiple purposes, including being rabbit proof. We can fit rabbit fencing to new or existing fencing, along with installing gates that are both rabbit proof and user-friendly.

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