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Deer Fencing

Deer Fencing

When protecting farmland and woodland from deer, Contour Fencing has extensive experience constructing fences that are fit for purpose. In recent times, the numbers of wild deer in the UK have increased and are at their highest level for many years. Deer proof fencing can be used as an efficient method in the prevention of damage from deer. Offering significant protection when you want to establish saplings, safeguard crops, or conserve tree plantations and woodland.

We install the highest quality deer fencing using a wide range of materials, offering protection against all species of deer and the damage that they can cause. When deer browse tree buds, they reduce growth rates and nipping a tree at the base can create multiple stemmed trees. Woody stems often have a ragged cut where a deer has bitten part way through the stem and then tugged the shoot off. In the winter when other food is scarce, deer will eat tree bark from younger trees. In addition to the damage associated with their eating activities, there is also the damage done by male deer who rub their heads and antlers against the trunks of younger trees. This results in cuts in the bark, which often causes growth above the point of damage to dry up and die. Large herds of deer moving across a field can flatten crops completely.

Contour Fencing erects fences not only for the exclusion of wild deer but we can also provide fencing for the containment of domestic deer in parks and commercial farms. Deer are intelligent animals and the various species behave differently when confronted by a fence. Our knowledge enables us to build effective fencing using the correct size of high tensile wire netting, providing a barrier to deer jumping over, going through or under the fence. High tensile deer netting is also the most effective way of retaining stock and preventing fawns escaping from underneath. We ensure gates and other means of access are deer-proof, including the use of appropriate gate latches.

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