Agricultural Fencing Solutions

At Contour Fencing we pride ourselves on constructing practical fences to suit a variety of needs in the agricultural industry. We work closely with each client to ensure we produce a long lasting and suitable fence that is high in quality whilst matching expectations and needs of each customer.

We use best practice techniques and agricultural fencing machinery to work safely and efficiently on any terrain with minimal disruption to livestock.

Our practical approach to fence installation comes from years of experience of working on a variety of fencing projects within the agricultural sector from a farm and stock fencing to deer, rabbit or otter fencing.

We offer great value by constructing fences using only the highest quality materials and we expect these fences to last years. A cheap badly constructed fence will place animals at risk and tend to be more expensive in the long run with on-going maintenance issues. We build fences using class 4 redwood and creosoted pressure treated posts and only use high tensile wire and mesh netting, the strongest available. This allows us to provide a high-quality fence that is unlikely to be equalled.

Our specialist agricultural fencing services include;


Stock Fencing


Deer Fencing

Badger & Rabbit Fencing

Poultry Enclosures

Plain/Barbed Wire