Agricultural & Equestrian Fencing Specialists


Agricultural Fencing

Contour Fencing understands how essential it is for agricultural businesses to have reliable fencing surrounding fields for crops and a variety of different stock. We work with farms and country estates, on orchards and vineyards, forests, plantations and in conservation areas. We have the capability to deliver a broad range of different agricultural fences and gates. Whether it is to make sure livestock stays in or wildlife and people are kept out, it is vital to have fencing that is sturdy and durable.

We offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing agricultural fencing services and we construct fencing to meet each of our customers’ individual needs. Our practical approach to fence installation comes from many years of experience as fencing contractors working on a wide variety of fencing projects from stock fencing and electrical fencing to deer, badger and rabbit fencing. We produce fences that remain fit for purpose longer and we take pride in offering an exceptional service.

Using the best quality materials, tools and specialist agricultural fencing machinery, we can work safely and efficiently on any terrain with minimal disruption to livestock. We make all our agricultural fences for stock proofing, sub-division or setting boundaries using high tensile wire and either Clipex ® metal posts, class 4 redwood, chestnut or creosoted pressure treated posts. Our fencing is practical, well-constructed and looks good for enduring value.

We are here to provide you with all aspects of fencing and gates to suit all types of agricultural needs. High tensile wire with its ability to keep its tension for many years when erected professionally is the ideal solution for many applications. Using plain or barbed wire and a variety of different types of netting we can tailor fencing to your specifications and requirements.

When metal posts are required, we use the multi-award-winning range of Clipex hot dip galvanised steel posts. Independently tested in the UK, these posts exceed British industry standards. Clipex posts are more secure and need less maintenance than other types of metal post. Each post holds the wire firmly in place with a spring-loaded clip. This allows for lateral flex but minimal vertical wire movement from downward pressure on the fence line. Every post comes with a pre-fixed anti-lift plate below ground to prevent lifting whatever the terrain.